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The Xbox One S with a disc drive costs $50 less than the disc-less model

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The Xbox One S with 1TB of internal storage (and a disc drive) currently costs $207.80 at Walmart. This is far less than its usual $299 price, and it’s almost $50 cheaper than Microsoft’s new Xbox One S All-Digital model that omits a Blu-ray disc drive.

For context, this price is just a handful of dollars shy of the best price seen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It doesn’t come with a game, though the Xbox Game Pass is a decent alternative if you just want to try a bunch of games on-demand without paying a lot. Game Pass is currently $1 for a three-month subscription, and it lets you download and play games like Monster Hunter: World, Forza Horizon 4, Rocket League, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and many more.

Game Pass makes a strong argument for going all-digital on Xbox One, but because this model comes with a disc drive, you won’t be limited to discounts on digital titles, which are usually worse and occur less frequently than sales on game discs. You can just pick up a game at a local retailer if and when you discover an attractive sale. Hey, disc drives are pretty cool after all!

We don’t expect this deal to last for long, and though this purchase is through Walmart, it’s not available for pickup at your local store.

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